The Address of the Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation V.E. Churov to the USERS of the CEC Internet Site



Dear Internet users!

Welcome to the official website of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation.

The website of the CEC of Russia is a recognized leader in terms of supplying relevant and extensive information about elections and referendums in the Russian Federation. The website provides information on the operational activities of the CEC of Russia regarding the implementation of its mandate to ensure the voting rights of citizens of the Russian Federation as well as their rights to participate in a referendum. The website also provides news on the work of election commissions of 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

The modern Russian electoral system is one of the most efficient systems in the world; within the time framework set by the Constitution of the Russian Federation and legislation it organizes and manages federal, state, local elections and referendums in 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, including 22 Republics, 9 Territories, 46 Regions, 4 Autonomous districts, an autonomous region and 3 cities of federal significance.

Elections are held on the territory of more than 17 million square kilometers with a total voters’ number of more than 112 million people (including citizens living outside the Russian Federation) featuring more than 200 nationalities and ethnic groups. More than 48,000 elections and referendum campaigns have been carried out in Russia in the last five years

This year, more than 5700 elections in 84 constituent entities  of Russian Federation will be held on the single voting day, September 14th. In particular, 30 senior officials of the Russian Federation, deputies of the legislative (representative) bodies of state power of 14 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, 3 heads and deputies of 20 representational bodies of municipalities which make up administrative centers (capitals) of constituent entities of the Russian Federation will be elected on that day.

On September 14, 2014, in the Republic of Crimea and the city of federal significance Sevastopol the elections to the State Council of the Republic of Crimea and to Sevastopol Legislative Assembly will take place. Besides, the elections of deputies of representative bodies of all municipalities of the Republic of Crimea and intracity municipalities of the city of Sevastopol will be also held on that day. In order to organize and hold elections in the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol properly, electoral commissions of the mentioned constituent entities of the Russian Federation, territorial election commissions, and district election commissions were formed.

Ensuring voting rights of citizens is impossible without strict compliance with the elections laws, without careful planning of election commissions’ activities, and without the effective organization of cooperation and coordination among all participants in the electoral process, namely, the election commissions, authorities, political parties, candidates, voters and observers.

While visiting the site of the CEC of Russia, you have an opportunity to learn about current legislation on elections, instructions on its application, about measures to improve the legal culture of voters, election officials, and other participants in the electoral process, as well as about activities aimed to build and strengthen the personnel component of electoral commissions and to improve technical infrastructure of the electoral process.

The present year has witnessed many important events that exercised a significant impact on the electoral process and influenced the preparation activities for elections on the single voting day, September 14, 2014.

After the elections held on the single voting day, September 8, 2013, significant amendments to Russian legislation on elections have been adopted.

There have been introduced important changes into the procedure of elections of deputies of the legislative (representative) bodies of constituent entities of the Russian Federation: there has been set a requirement that not less than 25 per cent of deputy seats in specified bodies of the public authorities (except for the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg) should be distributed among the lists of candidates nominated by electoral associations, in proportion to the resulting numbers of polled votes.

The limitation was imposed on the time frame allowed for filing petitions to the court regarding the voting results and cancel  decision of the Commission regarding the results of the election – the current deadline lies within 10 days from the date of adopting a decision on the voting results and within 3 months from the date of publication of the Commission’ decision on the results of the elections respectively (these deadlines were previously set to one year).

Special attention should be given to innovations in electoral legislation introduced by the Federal Law of May 5, 2014 No. 95-FZ "On Amendments to the Federal Law ‘On Basic Guarantees of Electoral Rights and the Right To Participate In The Referendum Citizens of the Russian Federation’". According to these innovative elements a prerequisite for registration of a candidate or list of candidates for the election of deputies of legislative (representative) bodies of the state power, or representative bodies of local self-government is the support demonstrated by voters. This support can be determined by the results of the previous elections, or is otherwise confirmed by the required number of signatures collected in support of the nomination of candidates.

Pursuant to the decision of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation of April 15, 2014, the opportunity of early voting in elections to the bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and local authorities was brought back in force.

In addition, voters and referendum participants are entitled to appeal to the Court against the decisions or actions (inaction) of the district commission related to the establishment of the voting results at the polling station or the referendum polling station where voters/participants took part in the elections or referendums.

Currently, 5 percent barrier is a newly reduced minimum number of votes required for a list of candidates nominated by electoral associations to be admitted to the distribution of seats in the elections to the legislative (representative) bodies of state power and the elections to the representative bodies of the municipalities.

Legal clarification has been provided for grounds on the basis of which the voters’ signatures would be recognized invalid. Legal clarification has also been given in regard to proper actions of an election commission in case it identified the lack of any document prescribed by law in the notice of the nomination or registration of a candidate, or a list of candidates; clarification also referred to deadlines of providing copies of documents. The requirements to the information that an applicant indicates in the application for his/her consent to run for elections have also been changed. The grounds for an elections-organizing Electoral Commission regarding exclusion of a candidate from the list of candidates prior to its official approval have also been specified.

Certain changes have been introduced into requirements to a signature sheet for the collection of signatures in support of nomination of lists of candidates, nomination or self-nomination of candidates for seats in a legislative (representative) body of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, a representative body of the municipality, or candidates for the position of head of a municipality.

In connection with introduction of a procedure of signatures collection by political parties there was provided the clarified requirement stating that the Election Funds may be used for financial support of organizational and technical activities aimed at collection of signatures in support of nomination of a list of candidates.

The list of participants of the electoral process has significantly expanded and still continues to expand due to the increase in number of political parties. On the single voting day in 2012,  28  political parties took part in elections; in September 2013 there were 54 participating parties; currently 63 political parties are participating in elections (77 political parties were registered, of which 69 have the right to participate in elections).

In the course of preparation for the forthcoming election campaign the Russian Central Election Commission provides legal and methodological assistance to electoral commissions. In April and May of this year, four interregional workshop meetings were held for the chairmen of the election commission of the Subject of the Russian Federation on the topic of preparation and conduct of elections on the single voting day, September 14, 2014. During these meetings a number of practical issues related to the legislation changes have been trained in a business game mode. Besides, in April the meeting was held with representatives of federal executive bodies on matters of assistance to election commissions in order to ensure the implementation of the electoral rights of certain categories of citizens of the Russian Federation. Two meetings were organized for representatives of political parties on the issues of preparation of documents to be submitted to electoral commissions by the authorized representatives of political parties.

In the framework of preparation for the elections on the single voting day on September 14, the Russian Central Election Commission has prepared a number of guidelines regarding development of  a schedule of activities for the preparation and holding of elections in the Russian Federation, regarding matters relating to the nomination and registration of candidates/lists of candidates for election to the bodies of the state power of the Russian Federation and local governments, as well as regarding the procedure for early voting in the premises of election commissions during elections and referendums at various levels.

Currently, a number of agreements on cooperation of the CEC of Russia with departments and agencies of the Russian Federation have been concluded. In particular, in the course of preparation for the elections the following agreements have been signed: the agreement with the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media and the agreement with the Federal Bailiff’ Service regarding cooperation of state bodies in exercising their powers to protect the rights of subjects of personal data.

The important innovative direction of the CEC of Russia work is employment of equipment for automated work places of precinct election commissions (AWP PEC). The CEC of Russia developed and approved Rules of the procedure for establishing the voting results and determining the outcome of elections, referendums on the basis of the protocols of voting returns compiled electronically using AWP PEC.

On June 30, 2014, the demonstration of the equipments and automated work places’ layout options was conducted successfully in the CEC of Russia.

The Russian CEC’s scope of work in 2014-2015 also includes updating of technological equipments of polling stations. In accordance with the legislation on elections and referendums at all levels both stationary and portable ballot boxes made of transparent material will be used.

We strive to fulfill the task of providing the most complete and reliable information regarding elections to all participants of the electoral process. The functioning the website CEC of Russia is organized and scheduled in accordance with this task.

The section "The Legislation on Elections and Referendums” promptly informs the voters and all participants of the electoral process on any changes introduced to the legal basis for elections.

The sections "Documents of the CEC of Russia", "News of the CEC of Russia", "Topical Issues" as well as other sections regularly provide information on regulatory legal acts of the CEC  of Russia regarding the preparation and holding of elections, on meetings with election officials and representatives of political parties and consequently adopted decisions, and on important events organized by the CEC of Russia, or with the participation of the CEC of Russia.

In the website section "Formation of Precinct Election Commissions and Reserves of Precinct Election Commissions Personnel" the systematized information and statistics on formation of Precinct Election Commissions and their personnel reserves in the constituent  entities of the Russian Federation are presented.

The most complete and detailed information on the preparation and conduct of elections on the single voting day can be found on our website in the section "Elections in the constituent  entities of the Russian Federation, September 14, 2014".

The following Internet services offered on our website are also noteworthy:

Service "Find your polling station", which provides an opportunity for voters to find information about the addresses of polling stations in the community in on-line mode;

Service "Find yourself in the voter list" allows voters to receive information about their presence in the list of voters at a particular polling station* ;

Service “Access to information about personal data processing by the State Automated System ‘Elections’” allows learning about the personal data processing in the complexes of automation means of SAS “Elections” in accordance with Article 14 of the Federal Law of July 27, 2006, No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data".

The section of the site "Political Parties" not only provides access to the unique systematized information on the Russian political parties, including reports submitted by the political parties to the CEC of Russia, but also makes it possible to analyze the participation of political parties in the electoral process, and to receive information about guarantees of equal coverage of parliamentary parties’ activity by state television and radio channels open to the public in between the elections.

Invite you to pay attention to a series of information-analytical bulletins "Regional Elections and Party Dynamics”, and to three issues of the handbook “Political Parties in the Russian Federation” prepared with the participation of Russian Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. In the future, further publication of new editions of these guides is planned, and new issues will also be posted on the site.

Russian officials in charge of elections are working with all categories of voters - young people, people with disabilities and other categories of citizens. For this purpose opportunities offered by Internet are also used. For example, the CEC of Russia website and websites of the regional election commissions provide information regarding activities held for young and future voters to improve their legal culture and make them interested in the electoral process, about organized events, including those dedicated to the Day of young voters, about contests, competitions, quizzes etc. The CEC of Russia has developed the "Youth Electoral Concept", which will be implemented in 2014-2018 respectively. All activities related to the work with young people are highlighted in the sections "News of the CEC of Russia", "News from the Regions" and in the dedicated "Youth Section".

The CEC of Russia  places great importance on the development of professional relations with partners among foreign electoral bodies and authorities, in particular, in the field of participation in international election observation processes, participation in international forums and in work of international organizations related to the electoral process. Information about the collaboration and experts’ reports are provided in the section "International Cooperation of the CEC of Russia". The Russian Central Election Commission regularly and fruitfully interacts with the electoral administrations of countries of Latin America, including Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

The section "Video Broadcast of Meetings of the CEC of Russia" is also regularly updated. It includes not only the materials of the meetings of the Commission, but also the multi-media archive of video- and audio-recorded press conferences, meetings, and messages of members of the CEC of Russia delivered on television and radio. The section is also actively used with the aim of improvement of the legal culture of participants of the electoral process: a special link takes to the viewing of videos and educational films of the Russian Center for Training in Election Technologies under the CEC of Russia (RCTET under the CEC of Russia).

The current process of changes in the electoral legislation and their practical implementation in regional and local elections are certain stages of preparation for the federal elections in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

Dear users! The website of the CEC of Russia will allow you to obtain the necessary and sufficient information for effective improvement of the legal and political culture, for active participation in the preparation and conduct of elections, and for the fullest realization of Russian citizens’ voting rights and the right to participate in the referendum.

Welcome to the website!

Vladimir Churov