Digital polling stations

In 2018, the CEC of Russia was included in the National Program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation”.

Projects of digitalization of the electoral system are designed for 6 years. A number of activities will be implemented in 2019.

One of the main activities of the CEC of Russia for the implementation of the action plan of the National Program is further development of the “Mobile Voter” mechanism in order to ensure availability of the voting procedure for voters regardless of their actual location.

For this purpose, it is planned to create digital polling stations.

In particular, on the single voting day on 8 September 2019 the experiment for voting at 30 digital polling stations will be conducted on the territory of the City of Moscow.

This experiment is a logical continuation of the “Mobile Voter” project, which enabled citizens in federal and state elections of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation to vote at a convenient polling station within borders of their electoral district.

Creation of digital stations will allow a voter to vote, even if he/she is in another region of Russia on the election day. In this case, in Moscow.

The voting procedures at digital polling stations, as well as their list, are determined by a decision of the CEC of Russia.

Voters from 20 regions will be able to vote at digital polling stations, where by-elections of deputies to the State Duma of the seventh convocation will be held, as well as the election of top officials of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

By-elections of deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the seventh convocation


Subject of the Russian Federation

Name and number of single-mandate electoral district


Khabarovsk region

Khabarovsk Region - Komsomolsky single-mandate electoral district No. 70


Novgorod region

Novgorod region - Novgorod single-mandate electoral district No. 134


Oryol Region

Oryol Region - Oryol single-mandate electoral district No. 145


Sverdlovsk region

Sverdlovsk region - Serov single-mandate electoral district No. 174

Elections of senior officials of subjects of the Russian Federation


Subject of the Russian Federation

Name of position of the highest official


Republic of Altai

Head of the Republic of Altai


Republic of Bashkortostan

Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan


Republic of Kalmykia

Head of the Republic of Kalmykia


Transbaikal region

Governor of the Trans-Baikal Territory


Stavropol region

Governor of the Stavropol Territory


Astrakhan region

Governor of the Astrakhan Region


Volgograd region

Governor of the Volgograd Region


Vologda region

Governor of the Vologda Region


Kurgan region

Governor of the Kurgan Region


Kursk region

Governor of the Kursk Region


Lipetsk region

Head of Administration of Lipetsk Region


Murmansk region

Governor of the Murmansk Region


Orenburg region

Governor of the Orenburg Region


Sakhalin region

Governor of the Sakhalin Region


Chelyabinsk region

Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region


St. Petersburg

Governor of the Saint Petersburg