Remote electronic voting

On the single voting day on 8 September 2019 the experiment for the organization of remote electronic voting will be conducted on the territory of the City of Moscow.

The remote electronic voting will be organized at the elections of deputies of the Moscow City Duma of the seventh convocation. The experiment will allow voters to vote with the help of a special service created on the regional portal MOS.RU, without using a paper bulletin.

Who can vote remotely

Voters of three electoral districts of Moscow will be able to take part in this type of voting. The districts were determined by a vote of residents of Moscow through the “Active Citizen” electronic project on the MOS.RU portal.

District No. 1 (Zelenograd)

District No. 10 (Bibirevo, Lianozovo, Severny)

District No. 30 (Chertanovo Central and Southern)

How does it work

To organize voting in each electoral district, a special precinct election commission will be created, which will provide a procedure for remote voting.

A voter who wants to vote by electronic method submits an application on the MOS.RU portal similar to the Mobile Voter mechanism. The application can be submitted no earlier than 45 days and no later than 3 days before the voting day. Based on the results of verification of the application, the voter receives a notification of inclusion in the specified register.

During the voting day, the voter enters his personal account on the Moscow Public Services Portal and after identification, via SMS code, gains access to the electronic ballot. The citizen makes his choice, and the system automatically takes into account the voter's vote in an anonymous, encrypted form.

Electronic voting will constitute an additional opportunity for voters along with the traditional voting. Residents of Moscow will be able to choose which voting method is more convenient for them.