Members of the CEC of Russia noted the legitimacy and transparency of the elections of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan


On 11April 2018, a group of representatives of the CEC of Russia headed by Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation Nikolay Bulayev took part in the international observation of the elections of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The group included members of the CEC of Russia Anton Lopatin and Evgeny Shevchenko, who worked as part of the CIS mission and the mission of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), respectively. Chairmen of the election commissions of the Oryol, Kursk, Vladimir and Ulyanovsk regions also took part in the observation.

"We believe that the campaign was absolutely legitimate, consistent with the law and, in the first place, the Electoral Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan. My colleagues and I visited a total of more than 100 polling stations. None of them have any serious remarks, everybody notes a high level of organization, "Nikolay Bulaev said, commenting on the results of the elections. – As for the electoral process, there are some specificities, but it seems to me that every country has the right to its identity, including the organization of the electoral process. But all this is logical, within the framework of what comprises today the international law. "

Observers of the SCO mission from Russia noted a high level of organization and activity of voters in the presidential elections in Azerbaijan. CEC member Evgeny Shevchenko, who is a member of the SCO mission, in particular, said: "In general, we note excellent organization of the electoral process, the elections were held with a high voter turnout, there were large queues in the polling stations, many of which were video-controlled. Video surveillance was droadcast on the Internet, and you could follow the voting."

Absence of violations in the elections in Azerbaijan was confirmed also by Anton Lopatin, member of the CEC of Russia. "There are no violations at the elections," he said.

CIS and SCO observation missions recognized the presidential elections held in Azerbaijan as legitimate, transparent, credible and democratic.

It should be recalled that early presidential elections in Azerbaijan took place on 11April 2018. Eight candidates ran for the highest state post, including the incumbent President Ilham Aliyev. Ilham Aliyev won the election.

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