Working visit of Ella Pamfilova to St. Petersburg


On 12April 2018 Chairperson of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova was on a working visit to the city of St. Petersburg.

The head of the Central Election Commission held meetings with members of the St. Petersburg Election Commission, representatives of the regional branches of political parties, the Public chamber, observers, as well as with a number of city officials.

Ella Pamfilova noted that no numerous cases of double voting in St. Petersburg have been identified, while 29 separate episodes require additional verification from the point of view of violations of the electoral law. "The CEC of Russia will present the final conclusions additionally," the CEC Chairperson emphasized.

It should be recalled that Ella Pamfilova coordinates interaction of the CEC of Russia with the St. Petersburg Electoral Commission as one of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.