Sergey Sirotkin took part in program of international observation in Cambodia


On 29 July 2018 Sergey Sirotkin, the Member of the CEC of Russia, took part in the international observation of the election of members of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia of the sixth convocation.

On the election day the Member of the CEC of Russia attended the opening of polling stations, observed voting and counting of votes in Phnom Penh, where he visited 3 electoral centers and 47 polling stations.

“We haven't witnessed any violations that could have influenced the results of the election,” he said, “the election was open and transparent, in accordance with the Constitution and electoral laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia. A high degree of organization and coherence were demonstrated by the election commissions of all levels. Members of election commissions re-confirmed a high level of their training and professionalism”.

For reference

On 17 March 2018 the CEC of Russia signed an agreement with the National Election Committee of Cambodia, which, in particular, provides for the exchange of information on international election standards, their application in the national legislation on elections and in practical work of the electoral bodies.

During the preparation for the parliamentary elections, the National Election Committee of Cambodia registered 20 political parties which nominated 4126 candidates. More than 8 million citizens over the age of 18 and possessing the active suffrage were included in the lists of voters.

More than 79 thousand employees from 107 non-governmental institutions as well as representatives from 20 foreign countries were accredited as national and international observers.