Ella Pamfilova: Decision is up to voters. Reliability of votes’ counting is up to us


"For the third weekend in a row we have been witnessing the intense competitive struggle for the position of governor. This is an evidence that the predictions of skeptics about the non-competitive elections in Russia are untenable: competition is tough, the will of the citizens is decisive. The counting of votes of citizens who cast their vote for a particular candidate in the Khabarovsk region, at the moment looks straightforward.

Despite the unprecedented level of information garbage, which accompanies this whole campaign and especially the repeat voting at elections of governors, there are no violations that could result in the cancellation of these elections.

Everything that is happening in the public and information field is a proof that the CEC of Russia in cooperation with the regional election commissions consistently implements the fundamental principle of democratic elections that is to ensure the maximum transparency of the electoral process and the accuracy of the election results. We create all necessary conditions to achieve this goal. The decision is up to voters. Reliability of votes’ counting is up to us," said Ella Pamfilova, the Chairperson of the CEC of Russia.