Meeting with representatives of political parties on financial reporting


On 20 December 2018, a meeting with representatives of political parties ensuring financial activities of the parties was held at the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation.

Opening the event, Member of the CEC of Russia Yevgeny Kolyushin noted that over the past year the legislation regulating financial activities of political parties had not changed. He also pointed out the need for strict compliance with the rules for the provision of financial statements.

“Parties that violate the deadlines for submitting information about finances and financial reports commit offenses for which responsibility is provided for,” said Yevgeny Kolyushin.

During the discussion, particularities of the presentation of financial statements by political parties, including their regional offices, to election commissions of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, were considered.

Among other issues, representatives of the CEC Office of Russia informed the meeting participants about the timing of providing information on the receipt and expenditure of funds of a political party, about common mistakes when filling out a financial report form, as well as about features of an independent audit. In addition, representatives of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation reminded that the consolidated financial statements of political parties for 2018 should be submitted to election commissions during the period from 1 January to 1 April 2019.

In total, the event was attended by representatives of 26 political parties.