Central Election Commission of Russian Federation held 219th meeting


On 13 August 2019 the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation held its 219th regular meeting.

The CEC of Russia adopted resolutions on complaints, which were preliminarily considered at the meeting of the Working Group on 13 August 2019.

Referring to the procedural aspects of the verification of signature lists, the Deputy Chairperson of the CEC of Russia Nikolay Bulaev reminded the audience that handwriting examination is carried out only within the limits of those complaints that were filed by the Moscow City Election Commission and the District Election Commissions. The Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation does not act outside the framework of these complaints.

"There are signs of falsification in the signatures that we have studied. But this does not mean that all signatures are like this. If you don't win today and you aren't registered, it doesn't mean that someone treats you badly. It means that you need to look at your mistakes during the election campaign", – said Nikolay Bulayev.