Central Election Commission of Russian Federation held 220th meeting


On 14 August 2019 the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation held its 220th regular meeting.

The Chairperson of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova reminded that in 2019 election campaigns at different levels are held in almost all regions of the country.

"In many aspects, in the vast majority of subjects of the Federation, election campaigns are held even better than during the previous campaigns. Let's see how the situation will develop further," she said.

The head of the CEC of Russia noted that "the most noisy and explosive" campaign takes place in Moscow, where deputies of the Moscow City Duma will be elected on the single voting day.

"We focused on this campaign but many commentators who do not delve into the essence of what is happening, allow themselves to draw conclusions and generalizations based on this “noise”. There are many problems. We have solved many of them in previous years, but we will have to solve even more together with observers, parties and media representatives. We are making progress," said Ella Pamfilova. "If we convince our legislators that we need to adjust the legislation, I think we will make significant progress."

At the meeting, the Deputy Chairperson of the CEC of Russia Nikolay Bulaev presented the interim results of the work of the CEC of Russia on consideration of complaints of candidates in the elections to the Moscow City Duma. In particular, he provided information on the number of candidates participating in the election race in different constituencies of Moscow: "The competition is high, in many districts more than 6 candidates take part in the election campaign."

On the statement of the movement "Golos"

Ella Pamfilova responded to a number of claims contained in the statement of the movement "Golos" on the refusal of the CEC of Russia to satisfy the complaints of candidates in the elections of deputies of the Moscow City Duma.

"Golos" staited that "the CEC of Russia has followed the path of legal quibbles and formalist interpretations that emasculate the essence of the electoral process." It is a very serious statement. It is strange to hear that the implementation of the law "emasculates the essence of the electoral process," said Ella Pamfilova. "I cannot agree with this and do not see arguments in favor of such a position."

Ella Pamfilova added that she could not agree with the accusations against the Commission that "the CEC of Russia took sides". "We stand on the side of the law," she said. "We have nothing to justify, but we will prove our case while treating our opponents with respect."