Central Election Commission of Russian Federation held 224th meeting


On 30 August 2019 the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation held its 224th regular meeting.

On digital service for submitting an application to vote at home

The representative of the Ministry of communications Galina Stashevskaya spoke about the new digital service on the portal "Public Services", which provides an opportunity to apply for voting outside the voting precinct.

"The new digital service is designed for citizens who for health reasons or disability can not visit the polling station in person on the day of voting," explained Galina Stashevskaya. "They can use this service and invite members of the Precinct Election Commission with a portable ballot box."

Under the "My profile" section the users of the public services portal "Gosluslugi" can now find section "My elections", where a citizen can discover the information about upcoming voting, find the address of the polling station and see the list of candidates. The button for submission of application for home voting is located in the subsection "Your polling station". The user must fill out an application and indicate the reason why he will not be able to personally come to the polling station.

"The electronic application for voting at home has become the eighth digital service launched by the CEC of Russia in cooperation with the Ministry of communications this year," said Nikolay Bulaev. "The last and ninth will be the service of informing about the results of the vote."

The Secretary of the CEC of Russia Maya Grishina said that the regional election commissions were given temporary regulations on the work of this service.

"In order for the application to reach a Precinct Election Commission a number of actions of the entire vertical of election commissions are required," explained Maya Grishina. "One can submit an application through the portal of public services until and including 4 September. Those who can not or do not want to use the electronic service, can apply to their Precinct Commission in person or by phone until 14:00 on 8 September. On the day of the vote, the members of the Commission who conduct voting at home will ask the voter to confirm the oral application by a written statement on a special form in the prescribed form."

On the All-Russian competition for the best work on electoral law

The CEC of Russia approved the results of the All-Russian contest for the best work on the electoral law and the electoral process, improving the legal and political culture of voters (participants in the referendum), the organizers of elections to public authorities, local authorities in the Russian Federation and participants in election campaigns. It was decided to hold the competition from 30 August 2019 to 31 July 2020.

The Secretary of the CEC of Russia also noted that the author of the competition work must be a citizen of the Russian Federation who is studying or working in Russian educational organizations. Applications will be accepted until 1 November.

The competition is held in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, election commissions of subjects of the Russian Federation, Russian Center of Training in Election Technologies affiliated to the CEC of Russia, the Russian Foundation for Free Elections.