Central Election Commission of Russian Federation held 282nd meeting



On 3 February 2021 a regular meeting of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation was held.

On the remote electronic voting

The Chairperson of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova, recalled that the work on the development of the remote electronic voting system continues.

The Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation has determined that on a single voting day in September 2021, remote electronic voting, along with traditional voting, will be held in five regions of the country and in Moscow.

"The rules will be the same for all," explained the head of the CEC of Russia. "In the near future, the collection of applications from regions that believe they are ready to conduct this type of voting will begin. Regions with the highest level of readiness will be selected for the implementation of the project."

On the training of members of election commissions

Ella Pamfilova announced a full-scale training of all participants of the electoral process, noting that much attention will be paid to the stress resistance of commission members and readiness to repel any provocations. Therefore, in addition to legal assistance, psychological support will be provided.

On the activities of political parties

The head of the CEC of Russia recalled that 14 political parties will participate in the upcoming elections without signature collection procedure. The remaining political parties wishing to participate in the elections will need to collect signatures in support of the nomination of candidates and lists of candidates.

"In order to ensure that parties do not have problems during the nomination process, on 25 February 2021 we will hold the first training event dedicated to the opening and use of the Personal Account of political parties on the Public Services portal," said Ella Pamfilova. "We will also cover the electronic collection of signatures in support of the nomination of candidates and lists of candidates for the upcoming regional elections."