Voting at the Place of Stay. How?

If on the election day of the President of Russia 18 March 2018 you leave on a business trip, go for a holiday, or simply live at another place than the registered place of residence specified in your passport, or you do not have any registration, you can take advantage of the new procedure of voting at the place of stay.

What should you do?

From 31 January till 12 March 2018 you should personally address the nearest territorial election commission or a multifunctional center of state and municipal services, and from 25 February till 12 March 2018 – any precinct electoral commission. In the specified application receipt stations you should file an application on your including into the list of voters at the place of your stay, having chosen the polling station where you are going to vote. It will take you only 5 minutes to file such an application.

You can find a territorial and a precinct electoral commission using the interactive map on the website of the CEC of Russia, or you can dial the number of the Call Center of the CEC of Russia 8-800-707-20-18 (for calls from the Russian Federation).

You can also file your application on-line via Gosuslugi website, if you have a confirmed account on the web-portal.

Having filed your application, on 18 March 2018 come to the chosen polling station, show your passport and receive your ballot paper. No other document is required.